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Nazis Invented Microwave Oven

This article ( appeared today trying to further the lies told to people everywhere about the origination of common everyday things ... I had to post the truth about these lies ... at least one or two ...

First they try & say the Microwave was invented by an American Percy LeBaron Spencer (how convenient) in 1946 ... he is simply the first American to patent the technology ... It was the Nazis who invented it to use in war to heat food for masses of soldiers to solve heating fuel problems ... Russians & Americans found it after the war .. Russia made it illegal after testing it ... America said yes .. let's poison our people !! We've got a population problem to cure !!

Here is an informative article :

It was the Nazis who actually invented the microwave ovens. They were used in their mobile support calling them the "radiomissor." These ovens were to be used for the invasion of Russia. By using electronic equipment for preparation of meals on a mass scale, the logistical problem of cooking fuels would have been eliminated, as well as the convenience of producing edible products in a greatly reduced time-factor.

After the war, the Allies discovered medical research done by the Germans on microwave ovens. These documents, along with some working microwave ovens, were transferred to the United States War Department and classified for reference and "further scientific investigation."

The Russians had also retrieved some microwave ovens and now have thoroughly researched their biological effects. As a result, their use was outlawed in the Soviet Union (for a year or two). The Soviets issued an international warning on the health hazards, both biological and environmental, of microwave ovens and similar frequency electronic devices.

After the war, Dr. Percy Spencer, a self-taught engineer with the Raytheon Corporation, claimed to have "invented" the microwave oven in 1946. The Raytheon Corporation did actually file the first U.S. patent on one. The first ones were called Radar Ranges in 1954. Thank You Raytheon, but I like your missiles much better!

The following is a summary of the Russian investigations published by the Atlantis Rising Educational Center in Portland, Oregon.

Carcinogens were formed in virtually all foods tested. No test food was subjected to more microwaving than necessary to accomplish the purpose, i.e., cooking, thawing, or heating to ensure sanitary ingestion.

Here’s a summary of some of the results:

• Microwaving prepared meats sufficiently to ensure sanitary ingestion caused formation of d-Nitrosodiethanolamines, a well-known carcinogen.

• Microwaving milk and cereal grains converted some of their amino acids into carcinogens.

• Thawing frozen fruits converted their glucoside and galactoside containing fractions into carcinogenic substances.

• Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens.

• Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in microwaved plants, especially root vegetables.

complete article :

This same article tries to say Viagra was invented by mistake ... you really think those who make drugs never thought to cure limp dick ?? And this was discovered by accident ?? Why lie ?? To make them seem less scummy than they really are ?? "Today, drugs to treat erectile dysfunction command more than $5 billion a year in sales globally." .. you think no one saw that coming ?? Oops !! we just invented a multi billion dollar drug by accident .. again !!

Also they say Corn Flakes were invented by accident ... maybe ... but the truth is that these convenience foods were made (with lotsa sugar) in order to create dependency & get people away from eating natural foods they could grow themselves ... as the Elite knew that someday if they created enough dependency it could then remove the product & people after a generation or two would have forgotten how to grow their own corn (in this case) ...

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  1. hope you don't live in the US..wait! i bet you do..what did Zapata invent? to be called "zapatista" u must admire the guy? ha! your lack of faith in people reflects your own the old days when cereal was invented..most people were POOR..people live miserably..ruled by dictators, tyrants and kings and queens..modern inventions made it EASIER for people to be independent, and actually EAT better and grow better, have better teeth etc..that we later discover some of these things are not as healthy and some not healthy at all, shows the ingenuity and good will of men
    so, save your contempt..! the inventor of an item is the man that got a patent and put the item to the people..doesn say there WEREN'T designs the Nazis had it..but they didn't market it for the benefit of people..yes it helps..yes just heat for a minute etc..
    not for for accidental inventions..happened all thru history..get some faith in your bones :) CHEERS