Saturday, October 13, 2012

Larger Fish Washing Ashore ?

My Friend AJ, who is the most advanced man or medium on the planet, has said that we will know earth changes are closer when the size of the fish that wash ashore grow larger as that will mean there is more sulphuric acid being released from underwater volcanoes ... this also applies to birds falling out of the sky due to above ground volcanoes ... at first the fish were minnows & Krill which if u google those u can see they are very small ... in Galveston, TX this year Shad washed ashore ... a massive die off ... but these fish are much larger ... look them up ... now this fish is huge !! Only one ... but watch out for more ... & for any fish or bird die offs ... especially in Italy as that is where the first Super Volcano can go off ... then Indonesia then YellowStone USA .... Good Luck !!

Sea Monster washes ashore ?