Monday, May 23, 2011

Predictions Coming True

As I predicted on this blog ... there would be volcanoes that would release ash & this would stop air travel ... it is happening again ... but I don't feel this will be as severe as it going to be ... it is just an indication of things to come ... God, or Mother Earth if you like, is being very gentle with us in that we are getting so much warning ... so many things are happening so slowly & in an obvious way I feel ...

Also the info I give in the way of predictions does not come from me alone (or my spirit friends) ... I have a group of friends (on earth) who are all mediumistic as well & we talk & I notice when we come to a consensus ... I did feel the volcano ash thing would occur (Hawaii will be a source in the near future) but so did others ... whenever a consensus has been reached like the financial collapse coming soon (which facts support 100% ) I will post it here ... there will be more info coming soon ...

REYKJAVIK (Reuters) – Britain said flights could be disrupted from parts of the country on Tuesday by an ash cloud billowing from an Icelandic volcano, but said it did not expect a repeat of last year's travel chaos.

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