Friday, May 13, 2011

Gerald Celente on Rt Tv 12 May 2011

Steve Forbes (nepotism taken to the hilt) once said Oil would never go above $40 a barrel ... on its way to over $100 a barrel ... now he is getting on the gold bandwagon ...

all the big names are beginning to tip their hand ... saying the dollar could crash (CNBC)... & the dollar will no longer be the world currency (IMF, World Bank, Barron's, Wall St. Journal, Goerge Soros - see elsewhere on this blog) ... to my amazement all this is out in the open ... the financial collapse is being announced publicly .. too bad no one reads anymore ...

BTW .. Gerald Celente & Michael Ruppert have been saying this for years ... so you might want to take Ruppert seriously when he says the economy will collapse in July ( he gives very good reasons) ... he already bugged out of his home in L.A. & headed for the hills ... when he's nervous .. I'm very nervous !!!

I'm not sure about July yet ... but it is definielty gonna be soon ... get your bug out bags ready ... passports too ... as I would not want to be in the USA when this crash happens ... 270 million guns .... & no food & water ??

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