Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama Code Word- "Dumb" ?

British Intelligence have given Prez Obama the code word Chalaque, "a Punjabi word meaning someone who is too clever for his own good" ..

Now is that telling or what ??

I have always felt most politicians , especially presidents who maybe did have some sincere desire to help people (Jimmy Carter) & weren't part of the Elite's plans (still not sure about Obama - but I feel he may fit into this category) .. they get played like a fiddle by the Elite once in office .. & the intelligence community sits them down to tell them how things REALLY are !! They then scare the crap out of them .. telling them there were times when the safety & future of America was threatened & we narrowly averted it & the American people don't know this but this is what needs to be done ... so then someone like Obama who seemed to be pro labor ... does not appoint any labor or Union people to his cabinet .. but instead appoints an all Wall St. cabinet .. the very people who created this messs in the first place ... all part of the plan ... so this code name does reveal how those in control really feel about him & they are literally laughing all the way to the bank !!

Obama code-named ‘smart alec’ in Britain

Do Brits think Barack Obama is a bit of a "smart alec"?

The label certainly appears to fit in the minds of British police. Scotland Yard, the UK's police force, has given Obama the security codename 'Chalaque' for his visit this week to the United Kingdom, the UK Daily Mail reports. The term is reportedly a Punjabi word meaning someone who is too clever for his own good, according to the newspaper.

A Punjabi speaker told the newspaper that the word is 'not considered rude', but could be 'mildly offensive'. "It is also said to mean 'cheeky, crafty and cunning'," the paper notes

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