Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joplin, MO HAARP RING Proof

Here is the 2nd video .. showing how 24 people died in Joplin Missouri ... if they had subscribed to dutchsinse's youtube channel they might have known he is predicting the weather accurately ...

UPDATE : Death toll was actually 89 .. here is link to story :

JOPLIN, Mo. – A massive tornado that tore a 6-mile path across southwestern Missouri killed at least 89 people as it slammed into the city of Joplin, ripping into a hospital, crushing cars like soda cans and leaving a forest of splintered tree trunks behind where entire neighborhoods once stood.

Authorities warned that the death toll could climb as search and rescuers continued their work. Their task was made more miserable Monday morning as a thunderstorm with strong, gusty winds and heavy rain pelted part of the city with quarter-size hail.

So if "Gov't" IS actually using HAARP to create severe weather & earthquakes ... how soon b4 this escalates ?? Are these only tests to see how HAARP can be used ?? IF you doubt, then please explain those totally unnatural concentric circles, scalar squares & "Beams" crossing state lines. It isn't normal for a supposed cloud formation to suddenly appear in those man made shapes then disappear from the radar.

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