Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Racists Pay More For Blueberries

This is hilarious !! And it effects the crashing American economy so i am posting it here ... Anti-Immigration laws (READ: Racist) ... are hurting farmers who rely on the cheap labor .... "Some farmers lost as much as 50 percent of their workforce ... Fifth-generation Georgia farmer Gary Paulk told local paper The Daily Journal that he has only been able to find half of the 300 workers he needs to pick his blueberry fields, and that's after hiking wages 20 percent. Another farmer said he had to switch to (less efficient) machines when he couldn't find enough workers for his fields this spring."

So much for the lie that Immigrants steal Americans jobs ...

"Industry insiders tell The Lookout that politicians shouldn't hold their breath while waiting for Americans to flock to farm jobs
... the director of the United Farm Workers union, says when her organization asked Americans to sign up for farm jobs last year--via a dedicated Internet campaign that Stephen Colbert publicized on his show--thousands responded, but only 11 people accepted the offer.

The campaign, called "Take Our Jobs," originated as a few Arizona farm workers' response to politicians who said they wanted to pass tougher legislation so that illegal immigrants don't take citizens' jobs.

"Few citizens express interest, in large part because this is hard, tough work," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak said

Even with unemployment as high as it is .. no one wants these jobs .. so they have kept the immigrant labor away that this country actually needs due to the corrupt economic system we live under ... now there is no one to pick their blueberries so the racists are going to have pay more as costs naturally rise ..... this is too funny .. & very predictable ...


Twin immigration laws create labor crisis for American farmers

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