Monday, June 6, 2011

5th Week of Stock Market Decline

This article tries to do what almost all financial news articles do .. at least those that are mainstream ... & that is put a positive spin on what is obviously bad news.

The American economy collapsed in 2008 & they are only propping it up by printing money out of thin air ... that is all they have done ... & now they have no bullets left in their chamber so when this doesn't work & all indications say that it won't ... what then ? ........... The American economy will collapse ... which is how those who are really in control want it ... The American economy was run into the ground intentionally ... (This is how so much wealth was "created" during the 1st Depression of the 1930's) & despite what some are saying ... we have months not years ...

The attempt to place a positive spin on news like this comes from one of the #1 rules in journalism which is .... "don't take a stand on anything ... try to be neutral .. present both sides even one of the sides is a complete moron or has ill intentions ... pretend you're not better read than most of the people reading this article .. play dumb " ...

This has been so damaging to the dissemination of truth ... the facts presented in this article are all indicating things are not going well with the economy & all the positive spin you will see is all speculation ... this hedge fund manager or that CEO says "things are not that bad .. they are going to turn around "

This is bcuz the entire economic system is based on investor confidence !! They are used to talking this way all the time !! Can you imagine them on the deck of the titanic ??

"Did you see that iceberg !!??"

"No no no, it was an ice cube really ... I'm sure we'll be fine ... see the band is still playing ... we'll be fine ... martini anyone ??"

Here are some facts from the article ...

"The broad market index on Friday recorded its worst week since mid-August and its fifth straight week of declines.

the government said the economy created a meager 54,000 jobs in May
Others say the economy may be headed for a double-dip recession.

The sharp fall in bond yields also points to a similar concern,

Some concede the stock market could see further declines from sovereign debt problems in Europe or a spillover of violence in Yemen into Saudi Arabia, which could lift oil prices, hurting the consumer.

The lack of market-moving economic data or corporate earnings this week could also make nervous investors hit the sell button more often than not

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