Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty Queen, 19, Stoned To Death

I often use the fact that the Bible recommends stoning to death non-virgins & drunkards alike as proof that it is NOT the Word of God !!! This could possibly get people to relinquish their bible dependency if they faced this truth ... not being a virgon or being a drunkard are not illegal in this day & age but stoning people to death is !!!

I never thought I'd see a modern day stoning in my life time ...

Ukrainian officials have slammed media claims that a teenage beauty queen was stoned to death by three Muslim suspects who alleged the 19-year-old violated Sharia law by participating in pageants.

As CBS reports, the body of Katya Koren was found in a forest near her home in the Crimea region of Ukraine one week after her disappearance. Her battered body had been partially buried.

Initial media reports said three Muslim youths were responsible for the murder, claiming Koren's death had been justified under Islam, the Daily Mail is reporting. One of the three suspects, named as 16-year-old Bihal Gaziev, was quoted as telling police that Katya had "violated the laws of Sharia," and that he has no regrets about her death.

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