Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strange noises over southern Sweden

Uploaded by Skogsraaet on Aug 20, 2011

I was awoken by a sound like a train passing by my house. This is strange as where I live there are no train tracks. I looked out the window and saw nothing. The sound seemed to come from the sky. The loud "train"noise went away, but in the background I could still hear sounds that sounded like whale noises and metallic bangs. I tried recording the sound and the two first times I failed (apparently, I never recorded anything). During this thime I heard the train noise TWO more times. One of these times it was so loud I had to cover my ears. No airplanes where visible at the time. It was dark outside (00:10 at night something) yet you can hear the birds sing in the third sound clip. Isn't that strange?
The third time I tried recording the whale noises had almost faded completly, but I managed to get one (perhaps three if you count the third sound clip) sound on tape. I also managed to get one "train" noise but it was not as loud as the others had been (I'm not bothering to post it).Minutes later i heard two large bangs followed by a low rumbling noise, so I wipped out my recorder and caught this. NOTICE THE TWO LOUD "BREATHING SOUNDS" SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIRST AUDIO CLIP. THESE WHERE HEARD IN THE SKY. THEY WHERE ENOURMOUSLY LOUD.

It sounds a bit like a train, although It cannot be a train nor an airplan because:
The sounds followed eachother with only a few seconds (perhaps twenty) in between.
There are no traintracks here (atleast nowhere near my house)
No airplanes where visible in the sky.

I have had a similar experience a few months ago. But then I heard the high pitched ringing noise. It lasted for about three minutes.
I did get alot more audio than what I have posted so far. I'll try to digitaly enhance them because currently not all strange noises that I captured can be heard.
I acctually dropped my recorder down a three meter building whilst trying to place it on the window sill, so the fact that it can still record is somewhat of a miracle.

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