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Famous 'Chem Plane' Interior Pic is False

Conspiracy theories are one thing, and when these theories are based on real facts they are no longer theories. But when a blatant error is made about a supposed-chemtrail spray plane something must be done. Many are utterly frustrated (and justly so) with the complete unchallenged freedom that aerial spray planes (i.e., chemtrails) have in the skies, all over the world. It isn't a problem unique to America - it's everywhere. And from my own basic research, spraying is now being done far more during the night than during the day.
Back in the early 1990s before the proliferation of internet, I sent a snail-mail letter to Louise Slaughter's office about chemtrails. Even before Clifford Carnicom became well known for his great work, it was obvious to anyone looking up in the sky that something was wrong when these "jet trails" expanded bigger and bigger. This was back when the internet had not yet become commonplace. At that time I was still corresponding with NASA with fax transmissions for contracts and proposals. (It didn't occur to me to save Slaughter's form letter as I never expected to be writing on the web back at that time.)
As expected, the answer from Slaughter's office was on official stationary with a blue congressional seal at the top. The text stated, "I have looked into this, and I have been assured that these are normal jet trails caused by warm engine exhaust and cold air..." and blah, blah, blah. A few years later, I literally crossed paths with her on a campus sidewalk and said hello, but she completely ignored me. A typical politician.
Now, I'm not stupid enough to believe she even knew I wrote to her or even saw my name. Most likely it was a political science intern (i.e., an office droid that makes R2D2 look like a genius) that answered my snail mail. I do remember examining her signature closely, and sure enough it had a microscopic glitter-like look indicating it came off an offset press. Apparently rubber stamps are passé now.
What wouldn't someone do to be the first to obtain a photo of a chemtrail plane, and even better a photo of the inside of one and post it on the web? This is more than sufficient justification to be suddenly being "disappeared" as some call it, if that was accomplished.
In the photo below, I've notated the function of various pieces of equipment. How do I know this? Because I stood inside a plane exactly like this one, in the Boeing assembly plant located at Everett, WA back in the late 1980s. And that plane inside looked EXACTLY like this plane, right down to the equipment racks, orange flight test wiring, trim test tanks, etc.
Boeing does not give tours to anyone unless they are there in a professional capacity, which I was. I was there in the capacity as a project manager for a small switching systems company. Boeing bought a number of these very expensive switching systems which I was responsible for. This included system architecture, manufacturing and training courses. Until now, I've never disclosed what I did with Boeing in any detail.
(I was never in their direct employ at any time.)
Some unclassified Boeing systems I was responsible for are:
* Everett, WA engine test stand. This is a four monorail system where up to four engines are brought in on railroad cars at the beginning of the monorail, and transferred to a carriage mounted on the monorail. Engines are modified with added electrical, electronics and plumbing at various workstations along the monorail to make these compatible with Boeing planes. At the end of the monorail, a complex automated system checks all the work performed, just short of starting the engine. Fuel systems are pressurized to working pressures and combustor igniters are tested. My responsibility was the design and fabrication of a large multistage matrix system, which switched 400 wires from each engine at the end of the monorail to an automated test system.
* Control Tower Analog Switching System at Boeing Field. (Yes, it has that nasty abbreviation A.S.S. which I suggested they change it, but they decided to keep it anyway.) This system handled more than 100 signals for transmit and receive radio signals to aircraft on the field and in the air. This control tower mounted on the top end of a huge hangar is 110 ft. high according to an altimeter permanently mounted in a panel in the control room at the top, with a tortuous set of steps inside the hangar which must be climbed to reach the top. Not fun on a hot day. An outside, one-cable elevator mounted on the side of the building was used to bring equipment (like brief cases) to the top of the building. Personnel were expressly forbidden from ever riding this elevator and an elaborate gate and interlock switch system prevents anyone from doing so.
* Boeing at Renton, WA - Automated Test System for testing "Black Box" flight recorders. This is at a final test and certification facility. Of course, these boxes are ALL painted bright orange to help rescue workers find them in a crash. There is also a self-contained electronic pinger bolted to the front of each one that also serves as a handle. When the pinger is immersed in water, it is automatically activated and can be heard underwater for a great distance to help divers to locate the boxes. These heavy boxes can also withstand about an hour or more in a plane fire without losing data, giving firemen time to extinguish the flames and retrieve the boxes. The electronics and wiring inside may be destroyed but not the data.
* The main Boeing flight test switching system, located in a facility off the Pacific Coast Highway near Boeing Field just outside Seattle, WA. Every plane manufactured in the United States MUST be fully instrumented like the one shown below to receive the FAA air worthiness certificate before the interior is finished, seats installed per customer requirements and wall panels and the plane delivered to the customer. A crew of full time FAA test personnel have offices inside Boeing.
Boeing-Everett was at one time the world's largest building with NO internal supports, measuring a 1/3 of a mile x 1/3 of a mile back in the 1980s. It has since been expanded. While there I was given a tour of a plane being readied for flight testing. And it looked exactly like the plane you see below. So why didn't I take photos? Boeing policy FORBIDS photography in any of their facilities and that must be respected. That should also tell you something about the legality of this photo below which has been circulating on the web as a "chemtrail plane" - and why there are NO people present in this photo when it was taken.
So why are these tanks shown NOT chemtrail spray tanks? Here are just a few of the reasons:
1.. To inject engines or outside nozzles with enough spray material to cover hundreds of square miles, would require THOUSANDS of gallons of material. Each of the kegs shown below holds perhaps 10 gallons - far short of what would be needed for a chemtrail operation.
2.. Tanks to execute chemtrail operations would fill the cargo-hold and perhaps even the passenger deck. Planes like the fifty year old KC135 air tanker are nothing but a big flying gas tank with wings and engines - just what's needed for a real chemtrail spray plane.
3.. The area shown in the rear of the photo would NOT be filled with the data collection and telemetry equipment - it would be filled with big tanks or bladders instead.
4.. Tanks shown in the photo are used to shift the center of gravity for testing control surface reaction and fuselage stress.
Not visible in the image below are hundreds of very small strain gage elements cemented to the inside of the fuselage behind the panels. Each one is small than your little finger, and about the thickness of a manilla folder. When flight tests are complete and the plane receives an air worthiness certificate from the FAA wires are cut to these sensors, insulation is installed and the inside wall panels. These sensors are never used again and will never see the light of day.
What is not visible above is a narrow isle that permits personnel to move from the front to the rear of the plane through the equipment racks. At the time I toured one of these planes, the number of technicians and engineers on board totaled about eight. These tests were somewhat tortuous to test aircraft performance under bad weather stress, or to simulate other conditions such as sudden down-drafts or up-drafts. Air-sick bags are often used by new crew members. Boeing has several expert resident pilots who do nothing but perform flight tests.
I'm not disclosing company confidential manufacturing information like engineering data, software or design plans. What you see in this photo is the same basic setup for which aircraft must be tested all around the world in order to be certified. If planes made in Europe were not tested to certain standards in a similar way, it's unlikely they would be certified to fly over American cities. Of course, aircraft maintenance is an entirely different story.
A personal note - having worked with Boeing for some years and seeing the no-expense- spared care and dedication they put into EVERYTHING they design, build and test, I'd rather fly in one of their planes than any other. In fact, they were the first manufacturer on Earth to have a TWO ENGINE 777 plane certified for intercontinental flights between North America and Europe. How did they do it? The 777 can stay in the air to complete a flight with just ONE engine running and land safely!
This action of spraying the world with undisclosed chemicals into the airspace over other nations, or spayed in a such a way that the material drifts over other nations is the stuff wars are made of. It is highly unlikely that a country like China would smile, bow and say to those doing it, "Oh how nice of you, keep up the good work." With the terrible draught condition that the world's most populated country is suffering from, it could just as easily blame the unauthorized aerial spraying instead of heavy industrial pollution for their climate problems. It would have a nice side-effect for China, too - it would lift some or all of the blame off the shoulders of Chinese industry for wrecking their county's weather!
I will go head-to-head with anyone who foolishly believes this is a chemtrail plane. The burden of proof I am wrong is upon them. It would be nice if those spreading these ridiculous rumors based on a complete lack of knowledge of commercial plane flight testing requirements would stop doing this and admit they made a mistake. This ignorance does far more harm than good to those of us trying to expose the chemtrail problem.
But I doubt they will ever admit they are wrong.even a sledge hammer won't knock sense into some of these people. Especially if someone is making money from spreading the lies.
Ted Twietmeyer

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