Monday, August 1, 2011

Future US/Israeli War w/ Iran

"This week Iran launched an Oil Bourse on Kish Island.
At the same time, former CIA officer and Middle East expert Robert Baer stated that Israel is preparing to possibly attack on Iran in the Fall.
Meanwhile, a US Drone was shot down Iran and a senior Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated.
There are a lot of behind-the-scenes secret activities taking place right now that make it hard to say with any definitiveness what will happen next in this theatre.
Importantly, readers must understand that the United States is actually in an active war with Iran. Most think the US is not at war with Iran because the US does not have troops inside Iran such as it does in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, and is not engaging in behind-the-scenes support like in Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

The US is involved in active war with Iran in the form of a siege.
As you can see here, the US military presence surrounding Iran has vastly increased, forming a noose around the country…

The United States has also been increasing sanctions on Iran, its corporations, and on particularly people. This has deeply hurt the domestic economy and flow on money in and out of the country.
As such, inflation is near hyperinflation levels due to the money printing of the government for paying for domestic expenses. Prices are skyrocketing.
The banking ban against Iran has made it impossible for Iran to get paid for the oil it sells to countries like India and China. Those countries already owe Iran billions in dollars for previously received oil. China has hinted about possibly bartering with Iran in exchange for the oil.
The conflict escalated recently with Iran finally deciding to open the Kish Island Oil Bourse.
This oil bourse is an oil-trading hub that would challenge the world’s biggest oil trading exchange in the US. The sales are currently priced in Dollars, but there have been threats of using Euros, Yen, and Yuan for oil sales." - Orginal Source
Every nation that has tried this in the past has been invaded by the US, or the leadership has been overthrown…

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