Thursday, July 7, 2011

Iceland's Volcano Ready To Erupt

One of Iceland's most feared volcanoes looks ready to erupt, raising fears of a new ash cloud over Europe.

The Hekla volcano is close to the ash-spewing Eyjafjoell, which last year caused the world's biggest airspace shut down since World War II, affecting more than 100,000 flights and eight million passengers.
Experts have said measurements of Hekla - dubbed "Gateway to Hell" by locals - indicate magma movement.
"The movements around Hekla have been unusual in the last two to three days," University of Iceland geophysicist Pall Einarsson said.
While this might not necessarily mean an immediate blast, "the volcano is ready to erupt", he stressed.
"The mountain has been slowly expanding in the last few years because of magma build up," he explained.
Another geophysicist, Ari Trausit Gudmundsson, said measurements around Hekla were very "unusual" and the volcano looked ready to blow.
"Something is going on," he said, stressing though that "if or when the volcano erupts is unclear".

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