Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Truth About Sugar

This is from the Documentary "One Percent" which is highly recommended viewing.

The heir of the Johnson & Johnson fortune developed a conscience & made this film describing the wealth disparity in all its horror ... this part focuses on the Lie that is sugar .. not the health consequences which I posted about today already ... but the fact that it is the 2nd most profitable commodity behind tobacco ... (reason we are addicted to both?) & its cost is artificially supported by the US Govt at 22 cents even tho the world price is 7 cents ... foreign sources of sugar are kept out of the USA (this is how Andrew Carnegie also amassed his fortune - political allies prevented actual competition in the USA to occur)

Also immigration laws were changed just to allow 3rd world labor to process the sugar ... there were
massive minimum wage violations .... the American taxpayer also guarantees the price ... it "makes zero economic sense" ... we are subsidizing millionaires to become even richer .... this is why the American economy is falling apart .. it was a scam all along ...

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