Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15,272 High Temperature Records/Warmest March Ever

So Climate Change isn't real ??!!  

AFP reports the warmest month of March on record in the United States happened in 2012. Since record keeping began in 1895. Cities across the Eastern Seaboard to the South and Midwest smashed records for warmest days in March and the warmest Month on record. Climate forecasts for theNational Weather Service are predicting continued warmer-than-normal heat into April for states east of the Rocky Mountains.
Some of the numbers associated with the March heat are astounding.
15,272: The number of high temperature records broken across the United States in 31 days of March. 7,755 of those were daytime highs and 7,517 were nighttime records. Every state had at least one day of record high temperatures.
21: The number of overnight low temperatures that were as warm as or warmer than some daily high temperature records. The sun wasn't even in the sky when those 21 records were broken.
25: The number of states that had all-time high average temperatures for March. Fifteen states saw marks in the top 10 all-time. Alaska, which was not counted into the average, had the 10 coldest March on record.
223: The number of preliminary tornado reports in March. Usually, there are only 80 tornadoes reported in any given March. The outbreak of March 2-3 caused over $1.5 billion in damage.
153: The number of years between the warmest months of March in Albany, N.Y. Reuters states the previous warm record for March in Albany was 1859 with an average temperature of 44.4 degrees. The new record set this year is 45.9 degrees.
51.1: The number of the average temperature for March in degrees. The old record was 50.6 degrees set in 1910. The departure from average 20th Century temperatures was 8.6 degrees higher.
1,407: The number of months the National Weather Service has kept uniform records across the country. Archives of precipitation can be accessed online back to January 1895, over 117 years.
4.25: The number of inches in diameter a hailstone was measured in Hawaii during a freak tornado March 9. The EF-0 twister was spotted in Lanikai and Kailua on Oahu. The width of the hailstone was a state record.
25: The number of states that had their warmest first quarter on record. January through March saw an average temperature of 42 degrees, six degrees above the norm. The lower 48 contiguous states set an all-time record the warmest first three months of a year.
1: The number of states that had the driest March on record. Colorado had its driest March ever. Wyoming had its second driest. Yet states such as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas all had top 10 wettest months for March.
William Browning is a research librarian.

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