Monday, October 17, 2011

GLOBAL ALERT: John Moore - Mega-Tsunami from the Canary Islands!

Watch from 4 min 30 sec as the 1st part of this video is repeat of last vid i posted ... with different video images ...

I do not endorse all views I post here ... I simply post to let people know in case they are right ... I am still in the USA & am not leaving yet ... I'll be sure to post here when i leave & when I know more which i expect to know more soon ...

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  1. Hi,

    You might want to check out my blog, I argue that the collapse of the volcano Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands was predicted in the Book of Revelation, which describes a “great mountain, burning with fire” being thrown into the sea:

    The Apocalypse foretells that this event will be the downfall of “Babylon” – the ruling world empire during the end-time.