Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happiest States in the Union

They did a survey of the happiest states in our union. The West was the best & the East was the least. Como siempre. This is not a surprise to me. I speak to customers form the south all day long. It's my job. There is a difference.

Fuck political correctness.

These people are part of the problem. They're dumber than shit & apparently that's not enough to make them happy. What is it they say ? Ignorance is bliss ? Well if that were true there'd be some blissed out, country fried, honky tonkin' going on tonight ... but instead they're sad.

I'd have to disagree with Utah being # 1 on this list. Having been there before I can say I have never seen a more repressed people. They were scary to me having grown up in Los Angeles. Whole time I was there never saw one Asian person. What kiind of shit is that ?

West Virginia was last on the list. They're probably unhappy like an illegitmate red headed step child bcuz they're not an actual part of Virginia.

And the bluegrass state of Kentucky was 49th, with Mississippi 48th on the list.

From the article :

"In general, highest well-being scores came from states in the West while the lowest were concentrated in the South."

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