Saturday, February 28, 2009

The $700 billion bailout if divided among all 300 million Americans equally comes out to about $2334 each. What if that money went directly to the people instead having to pass thru the hands of the greediest SOB's on the planet 1st (which almost guarantees it won't do us any good) ? Wouldn't the economy be better served by putting that $$ directly in the hands of the people who would actually spend it on goods which create jobs like clothes & food & transportation ?? Isn't that the shot in the arm the economy needs ? Or is this bailout simply the excuse those in power needed to again steal even more from the Amercian people & get them to foot the bill ?
Even tho millions of Americans are hurting most of us are not. We simply have been scared into not spending any $$. Isn't this mess being created by the media ?

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